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Cultivate wellbeing, vitality & inner calm

Qi Gong is a system of body and mind cultivation developed in China within the Daoist tradition, with roots going back thousands of years.

It uses accessible sequences of simple movements to explore and refine principles of posture, movement, breathing and awareness.

At Nei Gong Lab we teach Qi Gong as the entry level into the transformative process of Nei Gong.

about andrea

Andrea is a dedicated practitioner of Qi Gong, TaiJi and Daoist Meditation, with over 25 years’ experience in bodymind practices.

He is an affiliated Lotus Nei Gong instructor, having trained with internationally established teacher Damo Mitchell.




There are currently two weekly online classes, 60 minutes on Saturday afternoon, and 90 minutes on Thursday evening. There is also a live class in Hastings on Tuesday morning. New students are welcome.

Andrea is well versed with both the physical and energetic aspects of the practice. His instructions are precise and has helped me greatly to fine tune my postures and associated energy flows

Sameer K.

Andrea is a talented teacher with profound knowledge of human functioning. His lessons are a real journey in self-awareness and leave you with a real sense of ease and harmony which you can carry through into your daily life. 

Bea S.

Andrea’s teaching is very clear and thoughtful, and he makes very careful, subtle corrections which have had a powerful effect on my practice. 

Tamsin K.

L’effetto benefico, lieve e pulito, come dopo aver respirato a lungo e tranquillamente in montagna, l’ho sperimentato pian piano durante la pratica e perdura dopo, come una nuova freschezza e armonia, una vitalità quieta, vigile.

Eleonora S.

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