About Andrea

Andrea is a dedicated practitioner of Qi Gong, TaiJi and Daoist Meditation, with over 25 years’ experience in bodymind practices.

Andrea has since been an enthusiastic and committed practitioner of the Daoist Internal Arts (Qi Gong, Nei Gong, TaiJi, Baguazhang and Daoist Meditation) since 2013. He is an affiliated Lotus Nei Gong instructor, having completed his Qi Gong teacher training in 2016, and continues developing his practice with internationally established teacher Damo Mitchell.

Prior to that, Andrea started practising Hatha Yoga in his native Italy in 1993, and over the following 20 years he deepened his practice of Yoga completing two teacher training programmes. He practiced Buddhist Meditation for over ten years, in the Vipassana tradition.

He has complemented his personal practice with the study of several bodymind modalities, in particular the Alexander Technique, Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Swedish Massage. 

Andrea also holds a Master’s in Economics and Business, and works part-time for a small consulting company in London, in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energies.


our approach TO PRACTICE

Understanding ourselves

We cannot always change circumstances – but over time we can change how we react to them.

Holistic approach to the body-mind system

Work holistically and progressively on all aspects of the body-mind system. The body, breath, energy, emotions, analytical mind and awareness are like a pyramid of deeply interconnected elements that all benefit from Qi Gong practice.

Developing awareness

Work progressively and patiently, never with aggression. Although the mastery of external skills is beneficial and can be very satisfactory, the cultivation of awareness and insight generally bring a deeper fulfillment.

Patience and presence

We work on processes that generally take a long time to unfold. Be patient, and enjoy the process as it happens by being present to it.


Find what you are passionate about in these practices. Discipline is an important component of progress but enthusiasm and curiosity will probably motivate you to go further and deeper than pure ambition and determination.